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Don't Watch This Video!!!

OK, so for anyone who has a warped sense of humor and can find humor in things that others would be put off by, this new video is for you. For everyone else: DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!
I'm serious, if you have a weak stomach and/or you don't have a childish sense of humor, don't under ANY circumstances watch this video! No matter how curious you now are, DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!

The New

Revver 1.0 will be released tommorow but you can take a sneak peek here. Revver is the site that we use to host all our videos. The main change the new version of Revver wil have on our site is that the videos will all be encoded in flash format (Quitime will still be available also). This means you can now watch our vidoes even if you don't have quicktime player. They should also load faster than the quicktime versions.

Here is our latest video release in the new 'flash format':

The Adventures of Leppy the Leprecon - Ep#1:

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